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The online client portal is your digital hub. Here you will find all the documents you need to begin therapy. You will receive your informed consent, privacy statement, client intake form, release of information, and other documents you need to begin therapy. You will also be able to login for virtual appointments. 

Requirements for telehealth, or virtual sessions, include using a device with internet capabilities, video and audio capabilities, and using an up to date version of your browser. 

SimplePractice is the cloud-based provider of telehealth services and storage of notes. They provide HIPAA compliant services to help ensure your privacy.

Telehealth Policies:

It is important to make sure that when you show up for virtual sessions, you are in a secure, safe, and private location. Please do not drive while participating in a session. Please have appropriate childcare for minors. Dress appropriately for session, and please do not engage in behaviors that you would not normally engage in when meeting with a mental health provider (e.g., drinking or using the restroom). Also, you MUST be physically seated in California to engage in telehealth sessions. 

Couples Therapy
Online Client Portal: Resources
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